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The Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie is most definitely a cycling destination. You will enjoy exploring the area along the countless cycle paths winding around the destination.


Whether you choose a standard or electric bike, you can ride to the 14 towns of the territory, along 350 km of cycle paths. All cyclists will appreciate the sheer variety of landscapes, whether you are a sporty cyclist, only cycle occasionally or are just looking for a leisurely bike ride on holiday. You can go at your own pace, without any steep sections and with no particular difficulties. The possibilities are endless along the cycle paths here, through the forest and dunes, across marshland and vineyards, or along the Vendée headland. You can get to all the beaches on these cycle paths which means you can leave the car behind and avoid the summer traffic jams at the end of the day. Your bike rides will never be the same again.

From the countryside to the coast, you can visit the destination by bike 

You can easily and safely cycle to the coast from the countryside. Take your time exploring the different landscapes and exceptional heritage sites.

In Brem-sur-Mer, the cycle paths wind around the vineyards, as well as the little village of La Gachère, an ancient port on the Auzance estuary. From here, you can admire the marshland and catch a glimpse of various species of bird.

The bicycle touring routes around Jaunay and Gué Gorand lakes are particularly popular during heatwaves, and you’ll appreciate the peace-and-quiet and rural picnic areas.

Everyone knows how good it feels to go for a bike ride on local cycle paths so why not carry on pedalling until you reach La Chaize Giraud and stop off in front of the Romanesque church of Notre-Dame, a classified Historic Monument.

If you opt for the marshland, you can expect a complete change of scenery as you cycle along the departmental cycle path alongside the Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez salt marshes. Come here at sunrise to admire the vast territory as the sun comes up over the canals, wet meadows and polders.

Family bike rides

When you’re on holiday, there’s no easier way to get around as a family than by bike, stopping off to see the sights along the way, such as the Moulin des Gourmands in Saint Révérend or Vendée Miniature in Brétignolles-sur-Mer… 

In Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, one of the cycling loop trails will take you to the Bourrine du Bois Juquaud ecomuseum or to Dino’s Park where you’ll be impressed by the life-size dinosaurs. 


To help you find your way around, the ‘By bike’ route map is available to download or to pick up for free from our Tourist Information Centres. You’ll find all our cycle paths on one map, with details of the routes for each town.