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Let’s go and discover the Fiefs Vendéens wines

In Brem-sur-Mer, wine is a tradition passed down through the generations, and is an important part of local cultural heritage.

Since 2011, the wines from the Brem terroir have been classified under the AOC Fiefs Vendéens for top-quality guaranteed. The wines of Brem are produced in low-lying vineyards that benefit from the revitalising sea spray from the Atlantic ocean, giving them a fresh and light character.

French and foreign tourists are now more and more interested in the concept of wine tourism. It is a great way of combining the pleasure of tasting sessions on the winegrowing estates with the discovery of heritage treasures. Thanks to our partnership with the Syndicat des Fiefs Vendéens, we have two routes for you in the Brem terroir, along the Wine Route.

Winegrowing estates to visit

The Fiefs Vendéens vineyards are a key part of the cultural heritage of Brem-sur-Mer. They cover 120 hectares of land and are laid out in perfect geometry.

Come and meet our local winegrowers!

Fun tour of the vineyards

New! Opt for a fun and original tour of the Brem-sur-Mer vineyards.