Either by car or by bike, come and explore the winegrowing estates and wine cellars of Brem-sur-Mer!

Brem-sur-Mer is a well-known place for winegrowing, thanks to the local winegrowers who obtained the Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) in 2011. Come and follow our Wine Routes, two wine tourism loop tours in Brem-sur-Mer to explore the scenery and wine cellars in and around the local vineyards.

The Wine Routes





The ‘Terroir de Brem’ Wine Route (31 km)

This 31-km wine tourism sightseeing tour is part of the Wine Route and will take you on a discovery of the delicious local cuisine of the Vendée, the must-sees of the region, and of course the AOC Fiefs Vendéens wines. You can expect a great day out! Along the way, you’ll have the chance to try some local specialities and admire some heritage sites of the Vendée!

The first step on this tour is the charming village of Brem-sur-Mer, where you’ll find the Church of Saint-Nicolas de Brem, a classified Historic Monument. Then get back on your bikes or into your car, and head for the ancient little fishing village La Gachère. While you’re there, try some delicious oysters with a glass of white wine. You’re definitely in the right place for wine! Don’t hesitate to ask for an AOC Brem wine with a superb salty taste. Make sure you take the time to stop here and there along this sightseeing tour, at an authentic restaurant of the Vendée maybe, or at one of the wine cellars. Then why not go and relax on one of the many sandy beaches of Brétignolles-sur-Mer, Les Dunes or La Normandelière, which is a more family-friendly beach.

The ‘Côte de Lumière’ (coast of light) Wine Route (39 km)

This 39-km wine tourism sightseeing tour is part of the Wine Route and covers the area further south of Brem, for a journey into the Pays des Olonnes. On this loop tour, you can expect wine tastings and an exploration of the Vendée landscapes. It’s time for a sporty day out in the great outdoors!

If you are feeling sporty, you can hire a bike from Brem-sur-Mer, and then cycle to the fishing village, La Gachère, to enjoy the fresh air. The Côte de Lumière (coast of light) is a very sunny place that is most definitely worthy of its name. The sun creates some superb colours on the various landscapes: salt marshes, vast beaches, dunes, little villages, etc. While you’re exploring the Wine Route, why not stop off and go fishing, you might even be lucky enough to catch a sea bass or two before getting back on your bike!
An unmissable activity in Olonne-sur-Mer is kayaking or stand-up paddle through the marshes! And after all that effort, you deserve a treat… Come and taste some deliciously soft Vendée brioche with a view of the marshes, or stop off at one of the many winegrowing estates for a glass of Brem wine. You are in for some surprises at the last stop on this tour, in Ile d’Olonne! The children will enjoy watching the birds at the ornithological observatory using binoculars.

Brem, a land of dry and fruity wine wines, rosé wines and charming red wines, where the sea air has a special effect on the vines. These elegant, delicate and authentic wines are well-balanced with a slight salty taste.

Some pictures from the wine routes

Come and explore the 6 wine routes in the Vendée

Thanks to the high standards and expert know-how of the passionate winegrowers of Vendée, you can expect an enjoyable experience and delicious wines. This brochure was created in partnership with the AOC Fiefs Vendéens, Vendée Expansion and the 5 winegrowing terroirs: Brem, Chantonnay, Mareuil, Pissotte and Vix.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Consume in moderation.

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