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A day to explore the marshland, vineyards and coast. To get a breath of fresh air, admire the natural environment, heritage sites and just get away from it all.

Brem-sur-Mer is on the edge of the forest and salt marshes. This area is well-known for the perfect bond between the exceptional maritime environment and the ‘Fiefs Vendéens’ AOC wines. Do not miss the Romanesque church of Saint Nicolas, one of the most beautiful medieval monuments in the Vendée.

The must-sees of Brem-sur-Mer

1 – The church of Saint Nicolas

The Romanesque church of Saint-Nicolas-de-Brem, was classified a Historic Monument in 1956. It was built before 1020, making it one of the most ancient churches in the Vendée. It is open for self-guided tours all year round and there are guided tours in the summer.

2 – The feudal mound

The Saint Nicolas Calvary is a burial mound that dates back to the feudal period. It is 22 metres high and has an average circumference of 170 metres.

(Estimated time for a self-guided tour of the church, calvary and cemetery: 30-35 min)

3 – La Gachère

The village of La Gachère is a former port that was still used up until the 16th century. It has since been abandoned but it is possible to visit this fishing village that has remained authentic. You can also take a stroll through the marshland which also has an interesting history since it was transformed into salt marshes at the end of the 17th century.

(Estimated time: 30 min)

There is also a selection of watersports available, including stand-up paddle, canoeing and kayaking.

4 – The church of Saint Martin de Brem

This church is an ancient pilgrimage church and it is made up of elements from different periods.

Unlike the church of Saint Nicolas, this one was not damaged during the Wars of Religion.

(Estimated time needed for a self-guided tour: 10 min)

5 – The Menhir de la Crulière

The Menhir de la Crulière was classified a Historic Monument in 1934, and is also known as the ‘Pierre du Diable’ (devil’s stone).

(Estimated time: 5 min)

6 – The vineyard: exceptional terroir!

Brem-sur-Mer is a winegrowing town with a great reputation, thanks to the winegrowers who obtained the Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) in 2011. All year round, you can take a tour of the wine cellars to find out more about wine production, or even for a tasting and tour of the vineyard.