The Grand Phare de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie (also known as the Phare du Gabio), upstream, is a range light operating in conjunction with the Phare de l'Adon, the harbour light downstream at the end of the north jetty. It is therefore used by sailors to facilitate entry to the port.


This fixed red directional light, brought into service on 1 October 1880, features a square tower of smooth stonework with exposed stone crown and corners. The tower was painted black in 1919, then white in 1963, and its top is painted red. The Gabio lighthouse was built to the plans of engineer Dingler to replace the Tour Joséphine. In the observation room, beneath the red lantern, there is a window with a balcony. Originally, there was no lantern and light was emitted through the window. Originally 17 metres high, the lantern and the last balcony were added in 1890 and the lighthouse is now 28 metres high with a range of 15 miles (30km). It is automated and cannot be visited.
This lighthouse, located on the right bank of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, overlooks the Gîte and Gabio districts.

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