A former pilgrimage chapel, the church of Saint Martin de Brem is made up of elements from different periods.


- 11th century: Construction of the nave and Romanesque choir by the monks
- 17th century: Addition of two transept arms (side chapels)
- 19th century: Construction of the west facade and the "swallow's beak" bell tower
The church's ciborium and censer are listed as historic objects.

This Catholic church, in the centre of the town, has become the parish church of the commune since the merger with Saint Nicolas de Brem. Major restoration work was completed in July 2012, including repairing the roof and facade and treating the saltpetre.

Unlike Saint Nicolas, the church did not suffer from the Wars of Religion.

Service times: Saturdays at 6.30pm

Estimated time for self-guided tour: 10 minutes

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