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Coming on holiday to France with my dog

The Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie is the ideal destination for your next holiday with your dog in the Vendée.

Where can I stay in the Pays de Saint Gilles with my dog?

Before packing your suitcases, you will need to find dog-friendly accommodation for you and your dog. Don’t forget to bring proof that your pet is up-to-date with vaccinations. Pets are often authorised under certain conditions (size of the dog, additional fee, etc.), so make sure you are aware of all the details before travelling.

Pension for pets and grooming

What can I do in the Pays de Saint Gilles with my dog?

Walk along the beach

Beaches where dogs are permitted (as long as they are kept on a lead):

  • Brétignolles-sur-Mer: Plage du Petit Pont
  • Brem-sur-Mer: 1 km south of Brem-sur-Mer, on the south side of the Plage des Dunes 2, on the Plage des Granges (Olonnes sur Mer – Les Sables d’Olonne).

Beaches where animals are not permitted:

  • Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez: animals are not permitted on the beach between the 1 June and 30 September from 9am to 7pm.
  • Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie: animals are forbidden on the Plage de Boisvinet all year round.
  • On the Grande Plage in Saint-Gilles, as far as Brétignolles, animals are not permitted between the 1 June and 30 September, from 9am to 7pm.
  • Brétignolles-sur-Mer: animals are forbidden on all beaches between La Sauzaie and Les Dunes 2 between the 1 June and 30 September. They are tolerated outside of this area, as long as they are kept on a lead.

Please note, in Brem-sur-Mer: it is possible to let your dog splash around in the river Auzance in La Gachère, which you can get to via the Rue des Gabelous. But make sure you respect the fishermen who are often fishing here.

The top 3 activities to do with your dog

1 – Stand-up paddle with your dog


Set off on the water, or at sea (depending on the conditions), in the marshes or on a lake, for some quality time, just you and your dog.
Equipment needed: a paddle board, a paddle and a life jacket (also recommended for your dog).

Where can I go to ‘canipaddle’ with my own equipment?

  • Jaunay Lake
  • Brem-sur-Mer marshland: go to the Brem marshes for an afternoon of ‘canipaddle’ (make sure you don’t touch the bottom with your feet because there’s an oyster farm there)
  • River Jaunay (Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie): The Jaunay is an affluent of the river Vie and is the ideal place for stand-up paddle or canoeing/kayaking with your dog.

2 – Go canoeing with your dog


Is it a warm, sunny day? There’s nothing better than an afternoon out on a canoe with your dog, to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. A canoe is more stable than a paddle board so you can go further into the marshland or on the lake with your dog.

Where can I go canoeing with my dog?

  • Cano’Evasion: From Landevieille, outings on Jaunay lake and the river Jaunay.
  • Canoë du Marais: From Givrand, outings on the river Jaunay.
  • La Cabane: From Brem-sur-Mer, outings on the Brem-sur-Mer marshland.
  • Canoe Vendée: From La Chaize Giraud, outings on the river Jaunay and the river Vie.

3 – Hiking with your dog

This is an outdoor activity that is suitable for everyone and is completely free. It’s a great way to explore new places.

Walks in the forest

The forest in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez (four waymarked hiking trails and a sporty trail).

Walks in the countryside

  • Walk through the vineyards and countryside in Brem-sur-Mer. Set off with your dog to explore the natural and historic heritage of Brem-sur-Mer.
  • Gué Gorand lake: In the town of Coëx, you can walk around this artificial lake with your dog (around 4 km).

Ile d’Yeu: the star destination of the Vendée

Go for a day trip with your dog to Ile d’Yeu

Come and explore Ile d’Yeu, an island 17 km off the coast of the Vendée, from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie or Fromentine. A tour of this small island is just 40 km, making Ile d’Yeu an unmissable day out during your holiday. It is just off the coast of the Vendée so you can easily explore the island on a day trip, or stay longer if you so wish. Set off with your dog, you are guaranteed a refreshing change of scenery!

Hop aboard the Compagnie Vendéenne or the Compagnie Yeu Continent.

Ile d’Yeu crossings with our furry friends:

  • Compagnie Vendéenne (€9 extra fee)
  • Yeu Continent: Pets must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle: €13.30, but free-of-charge for small pets travelling on your knees or in a basket.

Good to know

Dogs must be kept on a leash all year round.
From 15th June to 15th September, on the beach, they can only be walked from 7pm to 9am and kept on a leash.