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Welcome to La Chaize Giraud, or Casa Giraldi as it was once called a long time ago. This former seat for the ‘Giraud’ lords is up on a rocky outcrop that overlooks the river Jaunay valley. La Chaize Giraud is near Br├ętignolles-sur-Mer and is well worth the detour. 

If you are looking for peace-and-quiet and nature, take the time to stop and admire this place.

Showcased heritage sites

The town has some superb heritage sites and so decided to redevelop the streets and narrow footpaths to restore the authentic feel of the town centre around the Romanesque church and former priory church, now the town hall. 

Discover the local wildlife of this town by exploring the area around the banks of the river Jaunay, along the Chemin des Mottes, from the Romanesque church. This path leads directly to the river Jaunay.

This charming place is guaranteed to have an effect on you, as it did on a handful of creators who instantly fell in love with La Chaize Giraud and opened an artist’s workshop there – Les Ateliers du Pressoir

To see and do in La Chaize Giraud


On the Walking Tour you can learn all about the history of this little town. A 5-kilometre loop trail invites walkers on a journey back in time to find out why this tiny village with a population of just over 1,000, was such a significant location for the local population.

A remarkable Romanesque church in the heart of the village


This Romanesque church is a classified monument and has a very pretty Poitevin-style facade. It is the perfect example of the style of small rural churches in the 12th century.