From 18 May 2024


>12 noon / 12.45pm and 4.45pm / 5.30pm - Nico Russo duo.
Nico Russo: guitar, Eric Wilmart: saxophone, flute.
Gypsy jazz and Nico Russo are a story of passion. It's an old passion that gripped this guitarist the day he first heard Django Reinhardt. Since then, he's been revisiting the finest standards of this music that has captured the hearts of generations of musicians.
He performs on the stages of the Vendée with friends who share his passion, including saxophonist/flautist Eric Wilmart, who is equally infected by the love of gypsy jazz.

> 14:30 / 14:55: Westompers Jazz Band

>15:00 / 16:30 - Regional Ressaca Sextet
Pierre-Marie Le Corre: flute, Pauline Lovat Bandolim: clarinet, Benjamin Allibert: guitar, Vincent Robineau: 7-string guitar, Joris Viquesnel: cavaquinho, Marcelo Costa: pandeiro.
Hector Villa Lobos called choro "the soul of the Brazilian people", yet this music, a blend of European art tradition and African rhythms, remains relatively unknown in our latitudes. But it was at a roda de choro (the equivalent of a jam session) that the Franco-Brazilian members of the group Ressaca met. Their aim is to introduce you to one of Brazil's oldest musical traditions, with a repertoire of rearranged classics and original compositions.

>5.45pm / 7.15pm - Romana Horvath trio invites André Villeger
Ramona Horvath: piano, André Villeger: saxophone, Nicolas Rageau: double bass, Germain Cornet: drums.
A top-class concert featuring Ramona Horvath's trio and the exceptional guest saxophonist André Villeger. A concert not to be missed!
Ramona Horvath, pianist with "flawless technique and a velvety touch" (Jazz Magazine) invites the master of the tenor saxophone: André Villéger - one of France's leading saxophonists. They'll be joined by the excellent double bassist Nicolas Rageau and the flamboyant drummer Germain Cornet.
Get ready for a memorable evening, where the magic of jazz will take your mind on a captivating musical journey. The carefully selected repertoire for this evening will include American standards, rare Duke Ellington themes and bebop jazz. Ramona and André play together regularly, and have recorded as a quartet on the 'Lotus Blossom' album (released by Black & Blue).
Virtuoso pianist Ramona Horvath will captivate the audience with her sensitivity and remarkable technique, while internationally renowned saxophonist André Villeger will add a spellbinding dimension to the ensemble with his expressive solos and exceptional mastery of his instrument.
and exceptional mastery of his instrument.


>12.15 pm / 1 pm and 8 pm / 8.45 pm - Leseyeux/Parent

>2.30 p.m. / 2.55 p.m.: La Fanfare des Barges

>3.00 pm / 4.30 pm - aWaSe
Patrick Charnois: alto & soprano saxophone, compositions, Ronan Courty: double bass, compositions, Arnaud Lechantre: drums
Awase (pronounced "aouassé") comes from the Japanese verb awaseru, meaning to join, to unite.
These three friends have come together around a shared vision of jazz: a taste for freedom, for purity, for revealing the limpid side of this music. An instrumental conversation in which the musicians joyfully tackle and deconstruct various pieces from the repertoire as well as their own compositions.

>5.00/6.30pm - Jeanne Michard Latin jazz 5tet "Songes transatlantiques
Jeanne Michard: tenor saxophone, Clément Simon: piano, Natascha Rogers: percussion, Pedro Barrios: percussion, Maurizio Congui: double bass
Following three trips to Latin America, Cuba and New York, and encounters in various projects, Jeanne Michard decided to set up her own band and devise a repertoire in keeping with her primary influences: jazz, Latin and Afro-Cuban music. Her compositions blend traditional rhythms with the cadences and phrasing attributed to the bebop jazz of the '40s.
The idea is to create original music that follows in the footsteps of Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie and his work with percussionist Chano Pozo, Orlando Maraca with his album 'Afro-cuban jazz project', Julien Lourau with 'The Rise' and Abraham Mansfaroll and his album 'Dizzy el afrocubano'. She has teamed up with pianist Clément Simon, double bassist Maurizio Congiu and percussionists Natascha Rogers and Pedro Barrios for her debut album, 'Songes transatlantiques', in which she revisits her travels through a musical dialogue between percussion and harmonies reminiscent of traditional jazz.
This particular groove, brilliantly led by the duo of percussionists, gives rhythm to the cadences of the piano and double bass and the melodies of the tenor saxophone. Melodies that tell stories, daydreams... dreams.

>5.00 pm / 5.45 pm - Hôtel des baigneurs - 53, rue de la plage

>9.00 pm - 10.30 pm - Oracasse
Guy Bodet: trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, Emmanuel Pelletier: saxophone, Thierry Bouyer: banjo, tenor guitar, Xavier Aubret: double bass, sub-bassophone, Gabor Turi: drums, tap dancing
From the Charentes to Louisiana, towards the Mississippi, the musicians of ORACASSE cross the ocean, fishing out Creole rhythms, swing, blues and funk, ORACASSE tells us: "Jazz is alive!

Saturday and Sunday in the Jazz Village :
-Oyster tasting
-Crêpes & galettes
-Exhibition and posters


From 18 May 2024 to 19 May 2024



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