The 18 May 2024

40th edition of the festival! Here's the programme for the 2 evenings:

Friday 17 May :

>9pm - Gaëtan Nicot Trio "Peter Pan's Moods

Gaëtan Nicot: piano and composition
Christophe Lavergne: drums
Frédéric Chiffoleau: double bass

After a foray into quartet ("Rhapsodie"), Nantes-based pianist Gaëtan Nicot returns to his first love, the trio with Christophe Lavergne (dms) and Frédéric Chiffoleau (cb), an excellent rhythm section that has won rave reviews on the European jazz scene...
In his first album, Jazz Radiophonique Eighties, he shed new light on pop culture themes (Sunday Bloody Sunday, Hijo de la Luna...).
Now he's back with a more personal and assertive opus. The album unveils a new repertoire of original compositions enhanced by three covers, and not the least: My Favourite Things (The Sound of Music), Played Twice (T.Monk) and Black Or White (M.Jackson)!
As a modern jazz musician, Gaëtan Nicot has forged his own style, influenced by his idols across the Atlantic as well as 20th-century French composers such as Hancock, Ravel, McCoy Tyner, Fauré, Evans and Debussy...

>10.30pm: Three tenors for Bex and Goubert "Fleurette Africaine

Emmanuel Bex: organ
Simon Goubert: drums
Pierrick Menuau: tenor saxophone
Pierre-Yves Merel: tenor saxophone
François Ripoche: tenor saxophone

Trois Ténors pour Emmanuel Bex et Simon Goubert brings together three formidable, seasoned tenor saxophonists, Pierrick Menuau, François Ripoche and Pierre-Yves Merel, with two of the biggest names in French jazz. This new album is a celebration of the music of Duke Ellington and Mal Waldron with arrangements by clarinettist Olivier Thémines, a double tribute extended by original compositions in a constantly renewed inspiration, with the creation of the new album "Fleurette Africaine". Born of a shared desire, the reunion of these 5 eminent jazzmen took place under the banner of an original formation, which manages to harmoniously combine tradition and modernity.
The new 'Confrérie du souffle
The initial idea of bringing together three saxophonists on this album came from a personal memory for Pierrick Menuau, dating back to the time when he was completing his jazz training in Washington DC. One day, at the home of a mutual friend, the young saxophonist made the acquaintance of a glorious elder (since deceased): Clyde Dickerson. Clyde Dickerson was a local 'figure': he had played in all the clubs in the region for 40 years as a jazz saxophonist, and for a good twenty years he was also the doorman at a major Washington hotel. This job earned him the nickname 'Watergate' Clyde, after the palace where he worked. As for his long musical career in the city's clubs, it earned him a real reputation over the years. In Washington, jazz fans really appreciated his style, inspired by Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. One evening, Clyde Dickerson invited his young French friend to come and listen to his band, for a tribute entitled "Three tenor sax for Lester Young": "They all wore Lester-style hats," Pierrick remembers. And all three of them had a very distinct identity. The great Shirley Horn and saxophonists Byron Morris and Ron Holloway were in his band. I was spellbound.
Today, the three tenors reunited to revive this 'brotherhood of breath' are Pierrick Menuau, Pierre-Yves Merel and François Ripoche. Joined by two outstanding musician friends: Emmanuel Bex on organ and Simon Goubert on drums, the trio, now a quintet, has chosen this time to celebrate Duke Ellington and Mal Waldron, extending this double tribute with original compositions and a constantly renewed inspiration.
Born of a common desire, the reunion of these 5 accomplished jazzmen, accustomed to other musical adventures shared in clubs or at festivals, took place under the banner of an original formation, which manages to harmoniously combine tradition and modernity.

Saturday 18 May :

>9.00pm - Leïla Olivesi Octet "Astral

Leïla Olivesi: piano, composition, conducting
Quentin Ghomari: trumpet
Baptiste Herbin: alto sax
Adrien Sanchez: tenor sax
Jean-Charles Richard: baritone sax
Manu Codjia: guitar
Yoni Zelnik: double bass
Donald Kontomanou: drums

Born at the Moulin d'Andé in Normandy to a Mauritanian father and a Corsican mother, Leïla grew up in Paris in the artistic and cosmopolitan effervescence of her family environment, between the bandoneon of Astor Piazzola, Nina Simone and the music of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. She developed a passion for jazz at a very early age, joining the P'tits Loups du Jazz troupe. Over the last ten years or so, she has established herself as a composer and conductor, gaining recognition from her peers and the specialist press. In March 2023, she received the highest prize awarded by the press, via the ACADEMIE DU JAZZ, the famous Prix Django Reinhardt, whose list of past winners is a veritable who's who of French musicians.
With Astral, her award-winning 6th album, Leïla Olivesi demonstrates her talent for creating original, harmonious music at the cutting edge of modernity. Her octet (a sort of pocket big-band) is made up of some of the brightest soloists on the scene today: Baptiste Herbin, Adrien Sanchez, Jean-Charles Richard (saxophones), Quentin Ghomari (trumpet) and Manu Codjia (guitar). The result is breathtaking: contemporary acoustic jazz of the highest order, which masterfully embraces its classical heritage (Duke Ellington...) and showcases the brilliant musicians who interpret and bring to life its musical visions.
Let's face it, Leila Olivesi is no longer just a promise! She has become an essential voice in the panorama of music we report on.

>10.30pm - Ulf Wakenius & Mark Whitfield Organ Quartet "We all remember Wes".

Ulf Wakenius: guitar
Mark Whitfield: guitar
Phil Wilkinson: Hammond organ
Mourad Benhammou: drums

Two jazz guitar greats, Ulf Wakenius and Mark Whitfield, absolute masters of their instrument and with an impressive discography, come together in this project initiated by the San Javier Festival, around the figure of the legendary guitarist Wes Montgomery, whose birth is being celebrated 100 years ago!
"We All Remember Wes", the song composed by Stevie Wonder and popularised by George Benson, is the title of this concert, which recalls Wes Montgomery's famous trios on the Riverside label with organist Melvin Rhyne. An excellent setting for the virtuosity of Ulf Wakenius and Mark Whitfield on guitar.
The 'We all remember Wes' project is on tour in Europe! Don't miss this great programming opportunity!

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The 18 May 2024
SaturdayOpen 20h30 to 23h30



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