Walking is simple, healthy and possible all year round. You can walk alone, with your family or friends or in a group – physical activity in fresh air.

Varied landscapes from ocean to countryside, across marked paths over almost 300 kms.

The guide Balades à Pied showing the paths commune by commune, is at your disposal free in all our tourist offices.

New, original ideas for walking around Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie

Nordic walking

Nordic Walking is a fast walk with special walking sticks. This sport is extremely popular in Scandinavian countries, practice summer and winter, on any terrain.

A Nordic walking session usually lasts one to two hours of walking, preceded by gymnastic warm-up, followed by stretching. This is a running play.

This walk is for all audiences regardless of age and physical condition of each. The benefits are many, to tone, strengthen bones or even breathe!

Where to practice Nordic walking in group?

At Saint Hilaire de Riez :


The Audax is defined as a regularity test and endurance to pace imposed (generally 6 km / h), led by experienced walkers, responsible for this speed.

Pedestrian Audax patents are homologated races run over distances of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, or 150 km. They are done in groups, road, dirt road or trail.

The motto of the audax "Go together, back together."

Where to practice audax in group?

At Saint Hilaire de Riez :

The longe côte

The principle of "Longe côte" or snorkeling involves walking at sea, once the water level of the diaphragm. The "length" (Longe Côte practitioner) can utilize a paddle to help move forward. The ideal is to be in a group, accompanied by a qualified instructor.

This activity complements and accessible to all, is practiced in combination and in any season. It allows to enjoy the benefits of an endurance activity without weigh on joints and tone the entire body.

Where to practice the longe-côte in group?


Location-based routes

The tourist office offers, through its mobile application, location-based routes to discover the wealth of the territory while practicing walking.
 The short distances allow the practice in family, even with toddlers through a "special strollers" route. A practice in all autonomy and throughout the year, using your smartphone!

Download our free mobile application to access circuits (heading Routes) through the Apple Store or Play Store (Android).

Good reflexes for all

  • Take the marked trails and passages built
  • Respect nature around us: not to disturb the wildlife, not to trample or pick flowers and plants dunes and forests, not to throw his trash in nature.
  • Provide equipment and materials suitable for hiking: hiking shoes, practical clothing for the weather, map, water, food, first aid kit ...
  • Be informed of weather conditions.

More information: http://www.ffrandonnee.fr/