Le Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie has a territory of 14 municipalities with very different aspects. Adept boating, family, passionate about nature or greedy ... everyone will find happiness!

Top 5 reasons to come to the Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

1. Because in a day, you can laze on the beach, feast on fresh, take a bike loop in the heart of bucolic landscapes and participate in a street art festival.

2. Because nature offers magnificent views breathtaking: marsh, dune, beach, rocky coast, forest, lake, vineyards ... 100% free and refreshing!

3. Because from 0 to 99 years with disabilities or insane thrills, necessarily found it an appropriate activity at their own pace and desires.

4. Because you can enjoy local fresh and delicious in all seasons, from the ocean or earth and always cultivated with passion.

5. Because life is sweet and pleasant, the tides and the sun ...