The 32 kilometers of coastline will delight lovers of relaxation, swimming, vacation, fishermen walk and addicts of skiing ... our beautiful beaches, sometimes intimate coves to the bottom of the rocky foreshore, sometimes big drop stretches of sand will seduce you.

3 towns from north to south, share the coastline.

Saint Hilaire de Riez

12 km sandy and 3 km of rocky coastline, one of the longest shores of the Atlantic seaboard.
From north to south: beach of Demoiselles, 60 bornes, Salins (naturist beach), Becs, Mouettes, Pège, Parée Préneau, Riez, Sion, 5 Pineaux, Bussoleries and Pelle à Porteau.

Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

3 km of beautiful sandy beaches. Of wood or canvas cabins can be rented on site.
From north to south: beaches of Boisvinet, Petite Plage and Grande Plage.

Brétignolles sur Mer

The town stretches its 13 km of coastline of the dunes of Jaunay to Havre de la Gachère. Beautiful sandy beaches, creeks and dunes alternate there.
From north tou south: beaches of Sauzaie, Parée, Marais Girard, Normandelière and Dunes (I et II). The nearby dunes are a fragile but promising for the discovery of fauna and flora environment, especially accompanied by a nature guide.

Our coastline also shows two portions of rocky ledges: From north from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie to Sion sur l’Océan (quarter of Saint Hilaire de Riez), and from Sauzaie to Normandelière at Brétignolles sur Mer.

3 km from granite cliffs of St. Hilaire are known as "Corniche Vendéenne". This ledge is classified remarkable natural site since 1926. These jagged cliffs contain many treasures:

  • Cinq Pineaux, isolated rocks facing the ocean that stand guard at the entrance of Sion,
  • Trou du Diable, foaming cauldron shaped by erosion during the high tides, sees rush violently rebound and the sea. It is said that this cavity was caused by a kick Devil, annoyed at losing his bet with Saint Martin during the construction of the Pont d'Yeu, high bedrock connecting the island of Yeu in the continent.
  • Pilours, rocky point at the mouth of the River la Vie

This coast is bordered by the GR Côte de Lumière (GR 8) and a bike path.

A few kilometers away lie the sweet or salt marshes that offer great spaces. Salt marshes, man-made from the seventh century, bear witness to the intense activity that prevailed there recently, around the harvest of "white gold".

The rehabilitation of former salt marshes in the lower valley of Vie revives salt mining since the 1990 Discover traditional gestures of harvesting salt by visiting the salt marshes of Vie in Saint Hilaire Riez.

The freshwater marshes are at the Gachère (part of Brem sur Mer) and Saint Hilaire de Riez. 

For fans of walking and large spaces, the national forest of Pays de Monts covers the town Saint Hilaire de Riez on more than 600 hectares. It was planted in the late nineteenth century under the Second Empire. He was then to fix the dunes and thus make arable by draining marshes.

Consisting mainly of pines, oaks and hardwoods, this forest offers many possibilities of discovery: on foot, bicycle, horseback ... Borrow the marked trails or fitness trail and stop off at one of the many areas Picnic.

Country side, lake Jaunay and Gué Gorand, located in the towns of Landevieille and Saint Reverend, offering a haven of peace. The hiking and biking trails allow you to enjoy a rural environment calm the tumult.

Finally, the gardens of Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie will offer beautiful green spaces to go with family, during a walk or a picnic.

From North to South, discover the Garden of Grosse Terre in Saint Hilaire de Riez, Garden of Olfacties at Coëx, the Morinières Park in Brétignolles sur Mer and Genêts Park in Brem sur Mer.