Le Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie offers many culinary specialties and present "at the table" both products of the earth and sea products that will delight the taste buds of gourmets. You will have no choice but to get seduced by its excellent products!

Some of these products have contributed to the gastronomic reputation of the territory:


The little blue fish is the pride of St Gilles Croix de Vie by being the first wild fish to be awarded the famous distinction "Label Rouge". Carefully selected by the fishermen, sardines of Saint-Gilles are harvested between April and October. They landed at the auction within 12 hours after their fishing and are processed within 24 hours maximum in the township. Once ashore, sardines are sold fresh or sorted before being canned. The recipes sardines may decline at infinity: carpaccio, grilled sardines, bouillabaisse, rillettes ...

Every year, do not miss the arrival of the first Sardine Spring, friendly event on the port of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie!

La crevette rose

November to February fishing off our coast prawn is the star of shellfish to enjoy winter! A twenty boats from the port of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie go looking for him every day. You will then find the "Rose de Saint Gilles" on the shelves of local markets but also in the best Parisian restaurants, where it is shipped every day during the season.

This 100% local and fresh product can be tasted in many ways, with a natural slice of bread and salted butter or cooked by one of the local chefs.

Wine of Brem

Less known than their neighbors in the Loire, the wines of Brem nevertheless worth seeing! They are classified AOC Fiefs Vendéens since 2011, a guarantee of quality.

Many winegrowers offer red, white or rosé but this ocean side fief particularly produces white wines labeled with iodine tip. Delicious as an aperitif but also to accompany seafood.

Salt of Vie

Also called white gold of the marshes of Saint Hilaire de Riez, sea salt is another local specialty, used to identify and highlight your best recipes.

It comes from the evaporation of sea water under the combined action of the sun and wind. It will then be collected by dusting with the cimauge between June and August. A taste also, fleur de sel, to complement grilled meat or salads.

Also discover

Vendéen sheep

The Marais Jaunay and Gué Gorand form the cradle of this sheep breed development from 1960 Do not miss the Feast of Sheep in Givrand in July where you can taste the lamb "Mer et Vie."

Sweets with rose

Savor products based of rose petals such as jams, jellies and candied. Their manufacture is entirely artisanal.

The monkey liquor

Its origin is closely linked to the history of monkey discovered in a barrel on our shores in the last century. Developed with rum and citrus, you will particularly enjoy in cakes and cocktails.


Also known as the sea bean name or sea pickle, thrives in salty soils. You can enjoy as a vegetable or condiment with meat or fish.