Guided tours in Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

You undoubtedly want to know everything about our region, discover its treasures, its heritage and its’terroir’ (a French word that combines so much about a region, its people, food and traditions) and to leave with a few juicy anecdotes to tell friends ... How do you combine love of adventure with the lure of a comfy deckchair on the beach?

Our guided tours show you some of the most fascinating aspects of the region, and then after a morning market or a late afternoon stroll, why not head back to the beach. Ask for the program!

This morning Josette Alabert took Myriam, Lola and Mary along the promenade of Boisvinet Beach. She’s passionate about local history and shows people around the coastal architecture.

Josette is charming and knows everything about Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. She’s nothing like the old-fashioned tour guides and tells lots of funny stories.

Myriam, Lola and Marie had no idea how far they had gone they were enjoying themselves so much. They started off at Josephine’s Tower and went to the Pierre de Crazannes, the Miramar, the first seaside villa and 19th century architectural jewel of the Corniche, the Hotel de la Plage and the Boisvinet, known as the ‘Chateaux of the Corniche’ by the locals.

The many architectural influences reflect the way of life of the aristocracy and the rich Parisian and Nantais bourgeoisie who fell in love with the coast in the late nineteenth century and started swimming in the sea.

Josette always has a fascinating story to tell –about the first ‘thalassotherapy’ of Dr Abelanet or the replica of the train station of Alicante in Spain – that’s the charm of a guided tour…