Quarter Croix de Vie

Quater of the small island

Near the harbor, this district built by marine offers its maze of narrow streets and walls of ballast stones. It is also called the neighborhood of Morocco since the sixteenth century it was populated by descendants of the Moors of Spain nicknamed Moroccans. Visit the House of the Fisherman, habitat restored a fisherman 1920s.

Quarter Saint Gilles

Street Abel Pipaud

These low houses once inhabited by the fishermen are in ballast stone. These stones were unloaded from boats that walked away with local goods.

Opposite number '4Q UA' there is a graffiti representing a caravel: testimony of maritime trade practiced since the sixteenth century in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.

Street Torterue

It was once the main street in Vieux Saint Gilles, the oldest part of the town, its charm and quaintness seduce you.

Brem sur Mer : Village of La Gachère

The village of La Gachère is an old port that remained in use until the sixteenth century. It is now abandoned, but today it is possible to visit this fishing village remained very typical. You can also walk in the swamps which represent historical, indeed, until the end of the seventeenth century they were converted into salt.